lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014


Madrid is a big city and is the capital city of Spain. Madrid is in the centre of the country. It's got a population of 6543031. There is a lot of tourism there. I like it because it's a great place for shopping and there are a lot of facilities such  as luxury shops and spectacular buildings.
My favourite places are La Puerta del Sol and El Retiro park.
Madrid is about five hours from Murcia on the coach. There are loads of coaches from the station.
They are cheaper than the train. A return  ticket is 35 euro.
Murcia is quieter than Madrid and the weather is better in Murcia too but I prefer Madrid because it's really exciting and enormous.
Madrid has got a famous football team, the Real Madrid. I'm one of their fans!
To sum up, I want to say that Madrid is an incredible city!