lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

A LANGUAGE REPORT by Lucía Ballesta

Hi! My name´s Lucia. I'm twelve and I'm from Murcia in Spain.
I speak three languages: Spanish, English and French.
At home we always use Spanish because my parents don´t speak any other language.
I go to a bilingual school.
In my class there are twenty-six students. We are all Spanish.
At my school we have English classes three times a week. French and German are also subjets here.
People in this class speak Spanish, French and English.
My level of English is quite good, my writing is perfect but I want to improve listening and speaking.
I think is a good idea to practise English with another person.

jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

American holidays & traditions in the USA BY ELENA SANMARTÍN

There are 2 main American holidays and traditions in the USA: Thanksgiving and Independence day.

Thanksgiving is celebrated since 1621 by the pilgrims and native Americans.
Sarah Hale, a magazine writer, asked five presidents to make it a national holiday from 1846 to 1863 and Lincoln made it a national holiday in 1863.
Today most Americans spend it with their families and they have a special meal (turkey, yams, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pìe, and cramberry sauce).
Some of them watch the Macy's Thankgiving Day Parade in New York on TV.

The Independence Day is celebrated on 4th July because it was on this date in 1775 when the Declaration of Independence of the USA was published. 
People usually hang the American flag and have picnics and barbecues ( They often eat hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, watermelon and ice cream).
At night there are fireworks and concerts too.


Hi! My name's Miguel. I´m twelve years old. I´m from Murcia in Spain. I speak three languages: German, English and Spanish.
In my house we speak Spanish and English because my father just speaks these  languages.
I go to a bilingual school.
In my class there are twenty-nine students from three different countries. There are Spanish, Colombian and Chinese people.
At school we have English four times a week. French and German are also subjects here. People in this class speak Spanish, German and French.
My level of English is quite good but I want to improve my listening and speaking. I think It's a good idea to memorize examples and to watch DVD's in English.

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014


Alfredo Di Stéfano was born in Argentina on 4th July in 1926 and he died on 7th July in 2014. He got the Spanish and Colombian nationality. He was a famous football player and a coach. He played in Real Madrid, in which he won five European Cups. He also played in River Plate and R.C.D. Espanyol. He trained some of the most important Spanish football teams, like Real Madrid, Valencia, Deportivo, etc. He was almost killed during a national team trip. He was the honor chair of the Real Madrid and he was the best player in the history of Real Madrid and even in the world.

lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014


Madrid is a big city and is the capital city of Spain. Madrid is in the centre of the country. It's got a population of 6543031. There is a lot of tourism there. I like it because it's a great place for shopping and there are a lot of facilities such  as luxury shops and spectacular buildings.
My favourite places are La Puerta del Sol and El Retiro park.
Madrid is about five hours from Murcia on the coach. There are loads of coaches from the station.
They are cheaper than the train. A return  ticket is 35 euro.
Murcia is quieter than Madrid and the weather is better in Murcia too but I prefer Madrid because it's really exciting and enormous.
Madrid has got a famous football team, the Real Madrid. I'm one of their fans!
To sum up, I want to say that Madrid is an incredible city!

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014



On this tour we visit Murcia.
We visit the cathedral and walk around the Malecón garden.
We also visit the Casino. It's famous for its architecture.


 Madrid (Spain)
New York City (USA)

I really like Madrid and New York, however, I think that the weather is worse in New York.
The language ( Spanish) is easier in Madrid.
The air is cleaner in New York. The streets are more dangerous in New York too.
Travelling is more difficult in Madrid  but people are quite friendly in both cities.