miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

My collection for 2019 by Alberto García

In here are objects and photos which show what life is like today. 
It's a history lesson for you!!!

            1. My favourite video game.
This is a video game. My favourite game is Call of Duty because there you can play with people and you kill them. It's just like the real thing!

2. My favourite book and film.
This is a "Hunger Games" book. There are three books about the "Hunger Games" and there are films too.

    3. My favourite foootball player.
He is Álvaro Arbeloa. He is a fantastic football player from Spain. He plays  in Real Madrid, he is one of the best LD in the world and is the real captain of the team.

4. My best possession.
These are my best possessions: The tickets for the Champions League's  final 2014. I went to Lisbon with my father and we saw the match at the Da Luz stadium.

5. My favourite dish.
This is my favourite dish. In Spanish we call it "huevos fritos con patatas". It's extremely delicious!!!!