martes, 27 de mayo de 2014


Alvin is my pet. He is a guinea pig. He is one year old.
 Valentin is my granny's dog. He is three years old.
 Alvin is smaller than Valentin. Alvin is better than Valentin but Valentin is faster than Alvin.

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Answering an informal email by María Pilar López

Hello Lucía,
I received your email. I'm very well thank you. what about you?
 I write you to tell you about my weekend too. 
First, on Friday evening, I'm going to paint and I'm going to a chess class too.
 Second, on Saturday morning and evening, I'm going to play a basketball match with you because we are on the same team.
  Finally,  on Sunday,  I'm going to a basketball championship in La Roda with you and I'm going to watch TV at night.
This is it.
Talk to you soon.
María Pilar

martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

YESTERDAY by Elena Sanmartín

Dear Sonia,
How are you? I write you to tell you what I did yesterday.
First, yesterday morning, I carried my books and walked to school.
We talked about a summer campsite. I wanted to go to the campsite.
Second, the class started and we studied maths. We tried to do the activities but we didn't know how so I asked the teacher how to make them and she answered.
My exercises were perfect.
After the class finished in the afternoon I remember I waited for my mother but I wanted to go to your house to have lunch and I called my mother to asked her. She let me go.
After that, in the evening, I went back home along the street past the sport centre. I had a good time with you.
Finally, I had dinner and I went to bed at half past ten last night.
What about you? What did you do yesterday?
Please, write soon.
Best wishes, 


Dear María Pilar,
How are you?
I write you  to tell you  about my next weekend.
 First, on Friday evening I'm going to do my homework because I won't have enough time at the weekend and I'm going to watch TV at night.
Second, on Saturday morning,  I'm going to  a basketball match with you.
Third, in the evening, I'm going to  play another basketball match too.
Finally,  on Sunday morning,  I'm going to participate in a basketball competition at La Roda.
We are going to play basketball all day long!!!
What about your next weekend??
See you soon!!!
 Lucía :)