martes, 29 de abril de 2014


I come from the Region of Murcia, in the south-east of Spain.

Here the weather is warm in the Winter and hot in the summer, autumn and spring.
It's usually sunny and hardly ever rains.
However, in this area, it grows a lot of fruits and vegetables.

 In Murcia there are over 1424063 inhabitants. Some of them are inmigrants from Africa and South America  but their children are Spanish too.
In the capital city you will  find lots of interesting places, for example,  the cathedral, the Glorieta square (the town hall square), the Romea theatre, Santo Domingo church, the Arab wall or the street markets.
 In the Murcia city there is a famous river: the Segura river. Over the river there are three main bridges: the Old bridge (Puente de los Peligros), the Calatraba bridge and the Malecón footbridge.
 However you can yo find other atraction soutside the city.
 For intance, there are also woods, path and natural spaces to go hiking (San Pedro del Pinatar, Calblanque, Calnegre, columbares, Sierra Espuña etc ), mountains to practice rockclimbing  ( la Panocha, la Azohia etc), rivers like Guadalentín, Argos, etc, caves such as Las Fuentes del Marqués( Caravaca) and on the other hand, there are  two seas by the coast: the Meditarranean sea and the Smaller sea,  with beautiful cliffs and small islands ( Cabo de Palos, la Manga etc ).

 Finally, some of its typical celebration are the Easter and the Spring week with different colourful parades full of life and fun.