lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013


It was a sunny and hot evening at the end of October and a bus, full of teenagers on a school trip, was arriving to the local castle. 
Once the children got off the vehicle and walked to the gate of the castle, they started to open  their packed lunch and laugh.
Soon after, when the kids finished their meal, the tourist guide asked them to follow him inside the castle. In case  they wouldn`t do it they could have "some problems".
- What kind of problems?- a  a fat boy said.
-  Well, problems like death. The guide answered smiling.
Then, a group of girls decided not to follow him, they stayed outside and finally they got lost in the darkness.

But, What about people inside the castle? Well, they kept on following the guide through  a long corridor. Suddenly, one of the last kids was taken to one side. Then, little by little, they started to dissapear one by one.
After a while, when the first girl on the queue turned back, she realized all her partners had gone. She was alone with the guide in the middle of nowhere!!!
So, What did she do? She ran away as fast as she could and tried to save her own  live and their mates.
However, in the end, she was taken by the shadows too.
How do I know that?
Well, let`s say I' am the guide of the castle...