jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013


Once upon a time there was one pumpkin whosename was "Diable". She wanted to destroy Halloween's night. He was very bad.
This pumpkin stole  the children' s sweets and she stole people's scary decoration.
Now let´s talk about the mad man. This isa crazy old person who lives in the mountains.
When he found out what was happening he ran to the city carring his axe.
Once he was in the city, he met the evil pumking. Then he picked up the axe and cut the pumpkin' head on a half. People were very happy and everybody celebrated HALLOWEEN.
People ate pumpkin's cake for dinner and the children had a lot of  sweets.
All the neighbours had their Halloween´s decoration back.
They felt so grateful that they invited the old man to have dinner with them. That´s why the mad man bought a house in the city and they lived happily together.
All of then kept on celebrating the party.