lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013


This is the story of an ordinary girl, a 11 years old chess champion who enjoyed basketball, painting and travelling abroad.
Her name was Laury and she lived with her family in a beautiful flat in the centre of Murcia.
One day Laury was invited to a chess competition in New Zealand. Her dad had always wished to go there, so he accompained Laury to Wellingtong, the capital city.
They were hosted in an old and enormous mansion. 
Once they were there, during the first night, when Laury was sleeping she had a nightmare. She woke up sweating a lot. Then she went to the toilet in order to refresh herself. 
Suddenly, some spikes fell down straight to the bed. She decided to run away. However, when she intended to do it, she saw a person on the hall running toward her.
At first  she thought she would help her but she realized she wanted to kill her.
That ´s why she began to run. 
While she was running she discovered some skeletons triying to cacht her and she fell down into a hole on the floor.
It was a dream.  
Next morning she had to play chess. Even she lost the match, she felt extremely releieved.