martes, 19 de mayo de 2009


Sally was an intelligent girl about eleven years old.
She lived with her mum into the forest.

Sally studied at school and she was an "A" student.
Her teacher, Miss Harding, was a kind woman and Sally got on well with her class parnerts.
But, there was a girl, Angela, who was bossy and stupid.
She loved making hard-jokes to the other pupils.

One day, Sally was reading a book during the playtime.
Angela arrived, split a bubble gum to Sally´s book and run away.

Sally was very angry but she didn´t know what to do.

Later, Sally arrived home and she started to think about to take vengance of Angela.
She told the problem to her mum while they were having dinner.
However, her mum adviced her to have sense and not having problems.

But Sally didn´t think the same, so she thank and thank and, finally, she had a great idea.
Next day, she wrote a letter in the playtime, then, she put it into Angela´s bag.

The letter was signed by Tom, a boy who Angela liked.
This was the way to Angela went to the forest. But nobody was there, except Sally and her big dog.Sally led free her dog and, when the animal smelt the lunch, he ran looking for it, hurting and bitting Angela.The dog destroyed Angela´s clothes and, of course, it ate the lunch.
Poor angela started to cry.

Then, Sally appeared and called her dog.
The two girls were very afraid.

sally helped Angela and taked her home. Then, she gave her new clothes and a glass of lemonade.

At the end, they started to be best friends.